Covid 19 Update:

Thank you for choosing Mercy Breast Clinic

Following the announcements from the Prime Minister (PM) and Director General (DG) of Health, we have confirmed our plans for operating under alert level 3 which commences on Tuesday 28th April 2020. The key statement from the DG in his update was that healthcare organisations should “deliver as much care as possible, while keeping people safe”.

We believe that this is a good principle to base our approach to care delivery around over the months ahead as it means that we can operate safely within a COVID 19 environment, but still ensure that you, our patients get the diagnostic and treatment interventions your need.

We have several approaches and policies in place already to keep our patients and our own teams safety front and centre:

  • Basics like excellent hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, surface decontamination and appropriate physical distancing in our facilities.
  • Screening Questionnaires and technology for our patients.
  • Access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our teams and for our patients where needed.
  • Longer appointment times to minimise cross over between patients, limit patient numbers in our facilities and to facilitate surface cleaning between patients.
  • Minimising visitors/support people for patient appointments to exceptional circumstances only.
  • Contact Tracing procedures are in place.
  • Members of our administrative and support teams continuing to work from home.
We’ll continue to use and enhance these approaches to stay “COVID – Safe” in the months ahead.
Under level 3 alert status we are able to perform our full range of diagnostic procedures including surgical consults.


We look forward to serving you.

Yours faithfully

Mercy Breast Clinic Team

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