When it comes to early detection and evaluating breast changes, mammography is first in line. Regular mammography screening attributes to a 35% reduction in breast cancer death rates, making those check-ups all the more important.

Our specialised digital mammogram system is thorough and painless: an x-ray of the breast is taken, producing high-resolution images, omitting minimal doses of radiation.

Mammography detects in two ways: screening and diagnosis

  • Screening mammogram – This x-ray detects breast cancer that is too small to be felt, has no symptoms and is performed on patients with no complaints.
  • Diagnostic mammogram – This x-ray investigates any suspicious changes shown in a screening mammogram, and is performed on patients presenting symptoms – such as a lump, pain or nipple discharge.

In New Zealand 90-95% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history. Therefore, booking in for an annual mammography if you’re aged 40-50 and every two-years if you’re 50+ is essential. We also recommend annual breast examinations by a GP or specialist for added peace-of-mind.


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